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Centre for Children and Young People

Educational Resources

The Centre for Children and Young People produces a range of education resources designed to support the development of professionals working with children, young people and their families.

Background Briefing Series

These Background Briefing documents have been developed as part of the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Childhood and Youth Studies developed and delivered by the School of Education and the Centre for Children and Young People at Southern Cross University. For more information about these awards, visit SCU Childhood Studies webpage.


Background Briefing no.1
Dr Virginia Morrow
Understanding Children and Childhood


Background Briefing no.2
Dr Nicola Taylor
Children and the Law


Background Briefing no.3
Professor Mary Kellett
Engaging with Children and Young People


Background Briefing no.4
Professor Nigel Thomas
Children's Rights: Policy into Practice

Research Briefing

Background Briefing no.5
Professor Mary Kellett
Researching with and for Children and Young People

Social Briefing

Background Briefing no.6
Professor Anne Graham
Strengthening Young People's Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Protection Briefing

Background Briefing no.7
Dr Sharon Bessell
Promoting Children's Protection and Participation

Background Briefing - Evaluation

Background Briefing no. 8
Dr Renata Phelps
Improving practice through program evaluation