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Centre for Children and Young People


Staff and Associates of the Centre for Children and Young People place a high priority on disseminating research and information which will:

  • advance knowledge in areas identified as important for the improved safety, wellbeing and participation of children, young people and/or their families; and
  • enhance the practice of professionals working with children.

2016 Publications (to date):

Book Chapters:

Robinson, S., Fisher, K.R., Hill, M. & Graham, A. (2016, in press) Views of young people with cognitive disability about care in their relationships. In J. Horton & M. Pyer (eds) Children, Young People and Care. Routledge.

Robinson, S., Fisher, K., Hill, M. & Graham, A. (2016, in press) In the picture: perspectives of young people with cognitive disability on rural and regional life. In K. Soldatic & K. Johnson (eds) Disability and Rurality: Identity, Gender and Belonging. Ashgate.

Canosa, A., Graham, A. & Wilson, E. (2016, in press). Child-Centred Approaches in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Methodological Opportunities and Ethical Challenges. In Nunkoo, R. (Ed), Handbook of Research Methods in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Edward Elgar.

Canosa, A. (2016, under review). Consumption, leisure and 'doof' neo-tribes in the Byron Shire. In Bennett, A., Hardy, A. & Robards, B. (Eds), Neo-Tribes: Consumption, Leisure and Tourism. Palgrave.

Graham, A., Truscott, J., Powell M. & Anderson, D. (2016). Re-framing 'behaviour' in schools: The role of recognition in improving student wellbeing. In A. Sullivan, B. Johnson & B. Lucas (Eds.) Answering back: Challenging dominant views on behaviour at school. Chapter 3. Springer.

Journal Articles:


Canosa, A., Moyle, B., & Wray, M. (2016). Can anybody hear me? A critical analysis of young residents' voice in tourism research. Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal. doi: 10.3727/108354216X14559233985097

Canosa, A. & Graham, A. (2016). Ethical Tourism Research Involving Children. Annals of Tourism Research. doi: 10.1016/j.annals.2016.07.006

Canosa, A, Wilson, E. & Graham, A. (2016). Empowering young people through participatory film: A postmethodological approach. Current Issues in Tourism. doi: 10.1080/13683500.2016.1179270

Graham, A., Powell, M. Thomas, N. & Anderson, D. (2016). Reframing wellbeing in schools: The potential of recognition. Cambridge Journal of Education. doi: 10.1080/0305764X.2016.1192104

Powell, M., Graham, A. & Truscott, J. (2016). Ethical Research Involving Children: Facilitating Reflexive Engagement. Qualitative Research Journal, 16 (2), 197-208.

Thomas, N., Graham, A., Powell, M. & Fitzgerald, R. (2016). Conceptualisations of children's wellbeing at school: the contribution of recognition theory. Childhood, doi:10.1177/0907568215622802.

Graham, A., Powell, M. & Truscott, J. (2016). Exploring the nexus between participatory methods and ethics in early childhood research. Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 41 (1), 82-89.

Robinson, S., Fisher, K.R. & Gendera, S. (2016) Can case management contribute to effective use of small self-directed support packages for people with disabilities? Asian Social Work and Policy Review, # doi:10.1111/aswp.12095


Graham, A., Simmons, C. & Truscott, J. (accepted). 'I'm more confident now, I was really quiet': Exploring the potential benefits of child-led research. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

Graham, A., Powell, M. & Anderson, D. (accepted). Facilitating student wellbeing: Relationships do matter. Educational Research.

Powell, M., Graham, A., Fitzgerald, R., Thomas, N. & White, N. (accepted). Wellbeing in schools: What do students tell us? International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

Powell, M., Smith, A. & Taylor N. (accepted). Rural childhood in New Zealand: A unique site of children's agency and social participation. Children Australia.

Where possible full text versions of our publications can be found through our epublications page.


  • Publications of Affiliates and Associates of the CCYP can be found on their Staff Pages.
  • Publications related to specific CCYP Projects are also listed on our Project Pages.