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Centre for Children and Young People

Research Projects

The CCYP is engaged in a range of research and evaluation activities that seek to improve policy and practice for children and young people, including those undertaken by postgraduate students. The Centre works collaboratively with organizations, particularly those in regional and rural areas, who may wish to their enhance policy and practice related to the wellbeing of children and young people through research and evaluation activities.

Below are a list of some of our current research projects.

bullet Improving Wellbeing Through Student Participation at School
Professor Anne Graham - Chief Investigator (CCYP - SCU)  Dr Sharon Bessell - Chief Investigator (ANU)  Associate Professor Judy Cashmore - Chief Investigator (USYD) Professor Nigel Thomas - (UCLAN) Dr Ruth Habgood (NSW Advocate for Children & Young People)  Dr Lyn Gardon (NSW Department of Education and Communities)  Dr Paul Thornton (Catholic Schools Office, Lismore)  Dr Catharine Simmons - Research Associate (CCYP - SCU)  Dr Donnah Anderson - Research Associate (CCYP - SCU)  Alison Moss - Research Assistant (CCYP - SCU)

bullet Evaluating the Challenges and Opportunities for Parent-School Partnership
Professor Anne Graham, Dr Donnah Anderson, Dr Catharine Simmons

bullet Seasons for Growth Parent Program
Professor Anne Graham, Melinda Phillips, Julia Truscott

bullet Inhouse Inquiry Research Project 2014: A National Partnership Teacher Quality Program
Dr Judith Wilks, Dr Brad Shipway, Professor Anne Graham

bullet Student Engagement in Christian Meditation
Professor Anne Graham, Dr Donnah Anderson

bullet Facilitating the participation of children in Family Law Processes
Professor Anne Graham,(Adjunct) Professor Judy Cashmore, Felicity Bell

bullet Belonging and Connection
Dr Sally Robinson, Danielle Notara, Meaghan Vosz

bullet Ethical Research Involving Children
Dr Mary Ann Powell, Professor Anne Graham, Dr Donnah Anderson

bullet Safe at Schools?
Dr Sally Robinson, Professor Anne Graham, Lel D'Aegher, Philip French

bullet Independent Funding
Dr Sally Robinson, Assoc. Professor Karen Fisher, Dr Christiane Purcal, Ariella Meltzer, Professor Deborah Brennan, Ngila Bevan

bullet Space and Place
Dr Sally Robinson, Professor Anne Graham, Assoc Professor Karen Fisher

bullet Student Voice
Professor Anne Graham, Dr Catharine Simmons, Dr Donnah Anderson, Ruth Habgood, Melissa Goldman

bullet Supported Accommodation
Dr Sally Robinson, Robert Strike, SPRC staff

bullet Wellbeing in Schools
Professor Anne Graham, Dr Robyn Fitzgerald, Dr Mary Ann Powell, Dr Donnah Anderson, Dr Catharine Simmons, Nadine White, Donna Shipway, Professor Nigel Thomas

Download a sample of our recently completed projects. Not all previous projects are listed.