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Centre for Children and Young People

National MESSI Survey seeks views of young people, parents and professionals about conducting research with young people.

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The Centre for Children and Young people is currently conducting a national survey to explore what children, young people and adults think about when deciding to take part in social research or provide their consent for children to take part. This survey is part of the MESSI Study: Managing Ethical Studies on Sensitive Issues, an ARC Discovery Project, which is being led by the Institute of Child Protection Studies at the Australian Catholic University.

The study aims to provide urgently-needed guidance to HRECs and other professionals on how to best identify the risks and benefits of children's participation in research, and guidance to researchers on how to help ensure children's rights and wellbeing are attended to throughout the entire research process.

This survey takes 10 minutes to complete, and we are seeking participants from the following groups:

  • Young people (aged 12 - 17)
  • Parents / guardians (of children aged 7 - 14)
  • Professionals and other adults responsible for children aged 7 - 14, including teachers, principals, youth workers and managers in government departments and non-government departments.

Complete the survey here

For more information and to participate, visit the MESSI website