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Centre for Children and Young People

Youth Consultative Groups

'Young People Big Voice'

Young People Big Voice (YPBV) is the young persons' consultative group for the Centre for Children and Young People. YPBV is a group of approximately 10-12 young people aged between 13-21 years. YPBV meets approximately once each month and views its role in the Centre as:

  • making sure the views of children and young people are heard;
  • providing realistic insights into children and young people;
  • being active in the development and implementation of CCYP projects and activities which will help children and young people;
  • promoting action;
  • closing the loop between consultation and action i.e. did what YPBV say influence things for children and young people; and
  • attending and addressing seminars and conferences about issues that affect young people.

YPBV works closely with researchers at the CCYP, as well as with academics from universities around Australia and internationally, to give them advice and feedback about research, education and advocacy work regarding children and young people. YPBV is also involved in a range of consultation and advocacy activities including making submissions to, and appearing before, parliamentary inquiries, meeting with regional organisations to advise them on issues relevant to children and young people in the region, and guiding their thinking about more effective ways to incorporate the views of children and young people in the development of programs and services. The work of YPBV was recognised in 2009 with a Lismore Kids in Community Award in the category of 'Young People Supporting the Community'.