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Centre for Children and Young People

The Centre for Children and Young People

Established in 2004, we have a strong reputation internationally, nationally and regionally for our quality, high impact research. Our Centre places a strong emphasis on the critical importance of interdisciplinary approaches in understanding and addressing the complex issues, challenging circumstances and opportunities for change that potentially shape children and young people's lives. We rely heavily on the positive and productive collaborations we enjoy with researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds, policy makers, practitioners and young people in ensuring our research is relevant, robust and well-utilised.

While our main function as a University Centre is research , we are strongly committed to ensuring this has the potential to influence policy and practice. The key ways we address impact, beyond dissemination of our research in scholarly journals and other academic publications, is by providing education, professional development and capacity building activities for practitioners, as well as by advocating for change, where necessary, within public policy arenas. We also seek to ensure our research is readily accessible by developing 'plain English' research summaries, websites, programs and 'good practice' guidelines, and by providing webinars, workshops, seminars and conference presentations.