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Centre for Children and Young People

Centre for Children and Young People

ccyp logoWe are the Centre for Children and Young People. Our research aims to improve policy and practice concerning the rights and wellbeing of children and young people. The status, interests, views and experiences of children and young people are therefore central to our work.

Our commitment to this philosophy can be seen within all of our activities and we welcome the opportunity to work with you in continuing this important work.


This survey is for young people with cognitive disability aged 15 25 who live in regional Australia.

It asks questions about the people, places and activities that help them to feel a sense of belonging and connection.

Link to the survey.

The survey builds on the results of a research project conducted by 30 young people with cognitive disability in regional towns. These young people told us through interviews and photography what matters in their lives. With this survey, we are seeking to understand the things that are important to a wider range of young people.

The research is being conducted by a group of academic and community researchers, led by Dr Sally Robinson at the CCYP.

Can you help?In order for young people to know about the survey, we really need your help. We would greatly appreciate anything you can do, such as:

Drawing the attention of young people aged 15 25 and their families to the survey

Directly supporting young people to access the survey (by offering to type responses, access to computers, explaining language, etc, that may be helpful)

Emailing the survey link ( directly to young people with cognitive disability who you connect with electronically


We are very pleased to share with you the summaries of survey findings from our ARC funded 'Wellbeing in Schools' research. The survey phase of the research (Phase 3) involved 3906 primary students, 5362 secondary students and 707 staff members. These summaries were developed for students and teachers who participated in the surveys. A full report from this important research will be available in May 2014. The 'Wellbeing in Schools' project involved close consultation with children and young people in developing questions for the focus groups (Phase 2) and online survey (Phase 3). We are especially grateful to the student members of the Wellbeing Advisory Group (WAG) who engaged with the project throughout, including facilitating consultations with other students.

Wellbeing Advisory Group members: Lucy Cornwell, Ruby Walker, Cameron Kable and Lucy Taylor.

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Updated: 13 April 2014